Business Solutions

We help organizations throughout their life cycle as they restructure and expand.

Our portfolio of consulting services clears inequalities on the path to sustainable business development.

We always strive to understand in detail your business vision, strategy and current situation. Our aim is to make your organisation able to respond in a timely manner to the changing needs. Once we have entered into the specifics of your business environment and your immediate goals, we have the experience of in-depth knowledge to be a reliable partner to help achieve them. We are proud that we have helped hundreds of businesses in Bulgaria to be recognizable abroad, to increase or even exceed their technological and maturity level than their partners expect.
The process we are working on is not complicated and is not new. We add more elements to the already existing reviews of vision, strategy, list of plans and upcoming projects, list of risks.

Data gathering

Interviews with stakeholders and key members of staff, meetings with the management board, documents and reports review

Evaluation and analysis

Data normalisation, report creation


It is iterative process, what-if scenarios, best solution selection


Full control via change management process, post implementations review

How you can benefit? 

The ability for an organisation to respond quickly to changing market conditions, customer demand, or to exploit new business opportunities has never been more important. Things move fast today – and if your organisation can easily flex and adapt you can avoid potential potholes and seize new opportunities with both hands.

Where Prima Net Consult can help you?

Being flexible and agile means ensuring your knowledge workers and customer-facing teams have quick, easy and secure access to the information and applications they need wherever they are; be this in your head office, travelling, with customers or at home. It also means ensuring your IT and Communications are able to support new, streamlined business processes, and are able to scale and flex to absorb for example, the addition of new business sites or closer integration with your customers and suppliers to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Having worked with many organizations across both the public and private sectors we’ve been able to demonstrate that our solutions don’t just improve service but also help organizations to reduce costs.

Unexpected events over recent years from the financial crisis to the flu pandemic and the volcanic ash cloud have highlighted the need for robust business continuity planning and risk management protection and as a result, many organisations have had to re-evaluate their approach to assessing and managing risks at all levels.

Where Prima Net Consult can help you?

IT and communications are central to helping mitigate many risks and provide business continuity protection, for example by enabling employees to work effectively from any location in the event of a business site being unavailable. However, it is also subject to a number of potential risks such as cyber-attacks, resulting in the loss of business or personal data, or the loss of e-business applications. IT and communications are also central to achieving compliance with relevant business regulations or legislation, for example, PCI, GDPR compliance or voice recording of sensitive telephone conversations.

Prima Net Consult has proven expertise in helping organizations improve their resilience to unexpected events and circumstances. By adopting a consultative approach we can help analyze the vulnerability of IT systems and infrastructure and can suggest how technology can make your organization more resilient.

Increased productivity is the Holy Grail of every business. Leveraging more work from the same amount of time is not only good for profit margins, but it's also good for customer relationships and staff satisfaction.

Where Prima Net Consult can help you?

One of the paradoxes of modern business is that the sheer variety of communications technology can result in less productive working. According to Sage research, people use on average six different devices and applications to interact with customers and colleagues, resulting in communications overload and stress. People cannot be reached when needed; multiple messages are left trying to get the same information leading to duplication of effort, delays and missed deadlines.

Prima Net Consult UK can help you improve productivity at an individual, team or organizational level by simplifying communications processes, enhancing collaboration functionality and integrating communications into core applications to optimize business processes. What’s more, productivity can be improved by making these capabilities available to employees wherever they are, improving their efficiency when away from their regular work location, as well as reducing unproductive travel time.  

Now more than ever providing customer choice and responding quickly and efficiently to their needs is critical to business success. Your customers increasingly want to deal with organisations on their own terms as they are better informed and ever more willing to switch to alternatives than ever before.

By making it easier to locate and contact specialists or subject matter experts. Real-time presence and instant messaging can make it easier for your customer-facing staff to locate and contact experts for advice when dealing with customers, while click to call technology can bring them instantly into customer conversations.

Where Prima Net Consult can help you?

Dealing with these challenges to deliver a differentiated, truly customer-centric service may seem like an impossible challenge, especially when budgets are under scrutiny and headcount under pressure like never before. But failure is not an option – replacing lost customers is an expensive business, and today, always-on world news about poor service experiences travels faster and is more accessible than ever before.

Having worked with many organizations across both the public and private sectors we’ve been able to demonstrate that our solutions don’t just improve service but also help organizations to reduce costs.

With budgets in many organisations under more scrutiny than ever before, being able to demonstrate that IT is running at optimum efficiency is key. What’s important however is to ensure that being efficient does not compromise IT effectiveness and its ability to support business growth.

By taking a holistic view and approach to your IT services, we will identify areas where savings can be made, such as full monitoring, consolidation/transformation and automation. We can then ensure that you fully control your costs through our advanced services.

We provide managed services that ensure that your IT infrastructure operates optimally 24/7, with all potential problems identified and resolved in many cases before they have any impact on your business. Our managed service offerings include proactive monitoring and management, resolving errors or potential, security management, application performance management, and on-site maintenance in the event of outages.

By activating new models for providing IT services and migrating customers to next-generation public or hybrid cloud services such as hybrid clouds, which can not only reduce the cost of providing IT services but form a key part of the planned migration to full convergence. IT infrastructure environment.

Where Prima Net Consult can help you?

Business leaders need to discover and highlight in their business model, where their employees are most valuable. Other areas are subject to consideration for integration and collaboration with trusted partners to obtain skills and services that are not available or simply ineffective in order to be retained internally in the organization. By doing this, you can not only save money but also ensure that internal skills and resources are focused on activities that bring real value to the business.

Working with a trusted partner can also help open up new ways to use existing operating budgets pragmatically, without reducing services or compromising performance or reliability.

We at Prima Net Consult combine a strong heritage, providing managed services with over 20 years of experience in managing and implementing reliable solutions for IT services and infrastructure. We have been able to combine all our experience and capabilities to help our customers realize real, tangible savings and efficiencies while working hand in hand to create synergies with internal IT departments to deliver IT innovations that support the achievement of the main business goals.